Sunday, January 15, 2012

The "Did I Mention" Post

So did I mention that Dan had clear scans last week?

And did I also mention that the doctor seemed to think the nodules look smaller?! This is great news because he hasn't been doing any treatment. If they truly were cancer, there's no logical reason they should be getting smaller. Except for the fact that Heavenly Father loves us and is looking out for us.

Did I mention that there was a film crew following us to this appointment? That was cool. Dan won that "search for incredible friends & family" contest... or I guess the official title was just "search for incredible", but you and I both know the truth. So because he won, it means that a film crew came to film us for a couple days so they can make a short (5-7 minute) film to be played at Sundance. It was actually really cool. I'm not too keen on being on camera, so the first day was really awkward. But as we got to know them better and they got to know us better, it was actually really fun. they were incredibly respectful, especially at our appointment to find out the results of the scan. I'm grateful they were there to capture that moment, because it is such a big part of our life.

Did I mention that Dan had a clear scan? Oh, I think I really did. I am just so excited I thought I'd say it again.

Did I mention that we happen to live in a place with incredible sunsets? Too bad the camera couldn't fully capture it. It was awesome.

One of the camera guys took this. They were all from the UK and were amazed at the mountains and snow. Things that I sometimes take for granted.

Some of the crew

This is the director. His name is Asif Kapadia. Kind of a big deal I guess. More importantly, an EXTREMELY nice person.

Did I mention how much I want to thank everyone for voting? This is an awesome experience and I am so happy we are blessed with it. It's crazy to think of all the good that has come from something as "bad" as cancer.

We'll try to keep you updated with Sundance. It's this weekend. Should be fun!

Did I mention that Dan and I just finished making our coffee table? This is the before...

And then the after!

We painted it then put wallpaper on top.

Did I mention how cool it is that Dan likes this kind of stuff? I totally lucked out.


Seth said...

Yes! I'm glad there are going to be a lot more people finding out how awesome you guys are! Leia and I have kept you two in our thoughts and we love catching up by reading the blog. We hope everything continues to go well!

Jessica Laitinen said...

how did we not talk about any of this stuff??? this is pretty big news!!! so happy!

P+B said...

yay! I'm totally a blog creeper and I always forget to comment but I was just so excited for you guys when I read this! How neat! I am glad for the update and glad to hear all the good news, you guys deserve it!

Katie said...

Awesome news! I'm so glad that the scan was clear.

Brenton and Adree Jensen said...

Hooray!!! Looks like so much fun!!!! We are so happy that things are looking up. We love you guys! Congrats on winning the contest!